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Hayley Brownlow
Hayley Brownlow
First Appearance: Thy Loving Father 6.10
Last Appearance: Thy Loving Father 6.10
Played By: Uncredited
Gender: Female
Age: 1 in Season Six
Relatives: Eddie Brownlow (twin brother)
Xavier Hong (half brother)
Sheree Greegan (mother)
Jethro West (father)
Steven Brownlow (adoptive father)
Judy Brownlow (adoptive mother)
Van West (adoptive father)
Cheryl West (grandmother)
Wolfgang West (grandfather)
Sharon Greegan (grandmother)
Nicky Greegan (uncle)
Helena West (aunt, deceased)
Pascalle West (aunt)
Loretta West (aunt)
Tama Judd (uncle, deceased)
Jasmine Hong (cousin)
Theodore West (great grandfather)
Rita West (great grandmother)
Residence: West Auckland

Hayley Brownlow is the twin sister of Eddie Brownlow, and daughter of Sheree Greegan and Jethro West.



Eddie and Hayley were concieved in Season Four, when Jethro West, pretending to be his twin brother, Van West, had sex with his father's girlfriend, Sheree Greegan. It was not long before Sheree announced she was pregnant. She thought it was Van's child and Van believed it was his while every one else suspected Wolf. In Season Five, Sheree went on a bender, trying to kill Van, narking on her brother Nicky and running away with all Pascalle's money. She didn't get far though when her water broke. She went to her friend who was a midwife and she delivered the baby. She then left the babies in her care. The midwife came up with a story: that a teenage girl had the babies and wanted to adopt them out. She was contacted by policeman, Steven Brownlow and his wife who adopted the babies and looked after them.

Season SixEdit

Pascalle, Judd, Van and Aaron Spiller find Sheree and she holds them up with a shotgun, Pascalle agrees to let her escape the country if she reveals where Hayley and Eddie are. Sheree tells them and Judd finds out more information about Steve and Judy. Judd talks to Steve and explains the situation. Van, thinking they are his children, insists he take them back. But after meeting Eddie and Hayley, and their adoptive parents, he agrees to look after them on certain days and the weekends.

Eddie and Hayley are mentioned several more times but do not make any more appearances.

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