"Hayley (prostitute)" is a title based on conjecture.
It represents a "best-guess", using our wiki's policies. Talk about it here.

First Appearance: Most True, She Is A Strumpet 3.03
Last Appearance: The Edge Of Husbandry 4.02
Played By: Cassandra Woodhouse
Gender: Female
Age: 20 in Season Four
Occupation: Prostitute

Hayley was a prostitute


Season ThreeEdit

Loretta West is disgusted when she sees her elderly grandfather, Ted West is using Hayley. Loretta finds out Kasey advised Ted to hire Hayley as they are friends. She makes one appearance.

Season FourEdit

Kasey and Munter, disgruntled that Van seems very depressed without a women in his life, hire Hayley to bed him. Though they are shocked to learn it is the one year anniversary since Aurora's death and that Hayley is dressed in similar clothes. They send her away, though Van later befriends her at a strip club and has sex with her.

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