The Greegan Family are a family that The Wests were associated with.

Family MembersEdit

  • Sheree Greegan - The elder child, mother of Eddie and Hayley and 'widow' of Garth. Currently living in Thailand under a false alias.
  • Nicky Greegan - Sheree's younger brother, currently living in Thailand under a false alias.
  • Edward Brownlow - Sheree's son, born in Season Five. Currently living under the care of Steven and Judy Brownlow, with visits from Van West, who believes he is the twin's father.
  • Hayley Brownlow - Eddie's twin, also currently in the Brownlow's care.


  • Sharon Greegan - Nicky and Sheree's alcoholic mother. Abandoned the two when Sheree was twelve and Nicky ten.
  • Garth Loader - Sheree's husband, until he, Sheree and Nicky faked Garth's death to collect insurance.

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