Grant Bowler
Birth date 18 July 1968, Auckland, New Zealand (42)
Role Wolfgang West
Gender Male
Family Roxanne Wilson (wife)
Edie Bowler (daughter, 7)
Ezekiel Bowler (son, 5)

Grant Bowler has found international screen success with core cast roles in American, Australian and New Zealand television series.

While the theatre is where Grant honed his craft, he has spent the majority of his career working in television. Most recently Grant had a major guest role as Connor Owens on the hit US series, Ugly Betty. He also starred as Captain Gault in season four of the US series Lost and had a major role in the Australian series Canal Road. In 2007, he had a core cast role in the HBO drama series 12 Miles of Hard Road.

Since the early 90s, Grant has appeared in nearly every major Australian television drama series. His television credits include: Medivac, Wildside, Halifax F.P., Stingers, Something in the Air, Always Greener, White Collar Blue, McLeod’s Daughters and All Saints. In 2004, Grant starred in the acclaimed miniseries Through My Eyes, which revealed a new perspective on the infamous Lindy Chamberlain story. He also starred in an American miniseries, On the Beach.

In 1991 Grant graduated from Australia’s renowned National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and in his early years as a professional actor, Grant toured extensively with Australia’s renowned Bell Shakespeare Company appearing in a number of Shakespearean classics such as Romeo & Juliet, Richard III, Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice. Grant’s other theatre credits include: The Return, Happiness, Elegies and Deathwatch.

In addition to acting on television, Grant is also an experienced television host, having fronted all four seasons of Australia’s Logie Award-winning series The Mole. He also hosted and narrated Border Security, a top-rating series that goes behind the front lines of Australia’s customs and immigration service.

Grant’s film credits include: The Fall of Night, Ned as well as lead roles in Calling Jerry Malloy, Close Contact and A Change of Heart.

It was on the set of A Change of Heart that Grant met his wife, Roxanne, who is also an actor. The couple has two children: daughter Edie who is two and a baby son, Ezekiel, who was born in early March 2005. Both Grant and Roxanne have American residency so when the family is not at home in Sydney, they spend time in Los Angeles for work. Roxanne played the role of Candy (the IRD auditor) in episode eight of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE series four.