Graeme Harkness
First Appearance: Wherein Our Saviour’s Birth Is Celebrated 2.17
Last Appearance: The Power To Charm 5.14
Played By: Nick Kemplen
Nickname(s): Ranger Graeme
Gender: Male
Occupation: arborist of West Auckland Council
Former Department of Conservation worker at Tutaekuri Bay

Graeme Harkness was a ranger.


Early LifeEdit

Graeme takes a job at Tutaekuri Bay working for DOC, taking over from Ranger Dennis. Over the years, Graeme encounters the West Family as they annually visit the bay for Christmas. Graeme especially does not get on with Loretta West who plays numerous tricks on him. In 2005, the police are called after the West Family start a fire in a tree.

Outrageous Fortune: The MovieEdit

Graeme is introduced to viewers as a keen DOC employee, showing Viv and Bev around Tutaekuri Bay. He is shocked when the Wests show up and shows his frustration that they booked under a different name to gain access. When Loretta gains a sexual attraction to him, Graeme takes advantage of this by making her guard an empty area claiming there are endangered birds there. He also tells the Wests they are too loud after a complaint from the Doslics. Graeme informs Loretta to boil the water before drinking. Graeme later attends the annual bonfire and when Loretta propositions him for sex, he suggests the next year. But Loretta can not wait and the two have sex in the bushes.

Season FiveEdit

Graeme comes to West Auckland to work in the city council. He visits Loretta to inform her that Aaron and The Gooch] have cut down a native tree. Though he also asks her on a date. The two start dating and Graeme gets on well with Loretta's daughter, Jane. Graeme has very different interests than Loretta and many find them a weird couple. Graeme offers to go on holiday with Loretta. But she eventually breaks up with him as she still has feelings for Hayden Peters.

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