Gary Arnold Savage was the illegitimate son of Rita West.


Early LifeEdit

Born the illegitimate child of Rita West and Vern Gardiner, Gary was adopted out. His adoptive parents were not the bes. When he was sixteen years old, he went to find his birth parents. His mother, Rita West, told him to fuck off and that she didn't want to know him. Wolf told him to stay the fuck away from their family.

Gary got into the career of property management and he met his half brother Wolf West. Wolf introduced Gary to West Family lawyer, Franklin Cork. The three got into some sort of trouble which resulted in the death of Leon Shuker. It is suggested that either Gary or Corky murdered Leon and buried him under a driveway. Gary met and married Danielle, though they later divorced. Gary got in contact with Wolf's son, Jethro West and expressed interest in buying a block of shops in a busy market area.

Season ThreeEdit

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