Franklin Cork
First Appearance: Slings And Arrows 1.01
Last Appearance: The Corrupted Currents Of This World 3.21
Played By: Jason Hoyte
Nickname(s): Corky
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lawyer

Franklin 'Corky' Cork was the West family lawyer in 2005.


Season OneEdit

Corky was Wolf's lawyer, and promised Cheryl that he could get Wolf out of jail in 9 months. However, Wolf got 4 years, and Cheryl was furious. (Slings And Arrows)

Corky was introduced as the West family lawyer and the man that could be getting Wolf off these historic charges. Corky ensures Cheryl that Wolf will be set free but sure enough Wolf is found guilty and sentenced to 4 years. It is later discovered that Corky has an intense meth addiction and Jethro buys his law firm off him. Corky is not seen for the rest of the season.

Season ThreeEdit

Jethro finds out a few years later that Corky is in jail for his P crimes and his cellmate is Wayne Judd. However Corky has cleaned up his act and he thinks if he pleads not guilty at his upcoming trial he will easily get out of jail. Corky tells Jethro that there is a txt message that will prove his innocence. Jethro suggests that Corky pleads guilty much to Corkys confusion. But Corky learns that another one of Jethros clients is Gary Savage and Corky hastily agrees to plead guilty leaving Jethro with a mystery. Jethro later visits Corky who admits he is terrified of Gary. Corky did not appear again.

Gary Savages actor, Aaron Jefferey left the series after Season Three, leaving the Corky/Gary mystery still open and never to be resolved.

Later LifeEdit

By 2009, Corky was out on parole. Corky moved to Hawkes Bay and opened up a Olive and Grape vinery.