The Doslic family are a group of Dalmatians associated with the Wests.


The Doslics immigrated to New Zealand some time around 1970, and worked at oil refineries.[1]

Feud with the Wests Edit

In 1975, Dafna Doslic and several family members, including her brother Darijo and daughter Maria, moved to Auckland, where they became neighbours with the West family. They re-planted a tree on their front lawn that was originally brought from Dalmatia, which a young Wolf West pulled out of the ground. His father Ted offered to re-plant the tree and made peace with the family over a few bottles of wine. Through this, Darijo became acquainted with Ted and involved in a robbery at the Martha gold mine. Dafna saw this as an insult to their honor, and kidnapped Ted, demanding that he gave them all the money from the job. However, Rita West had taken Maria, and they released Ted in exchange for their daughter.[1]

Family membersEdit

Notes and references Edit

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