A dictionary of words and terms used in Outrageous Fortune and Westside that might not be understood by others than locals. This includes New Zealand and Westie local terms and slang, as well as Māori language.

C Edit

chunder Edit

to vomit


dalis, dalmatians Edit

people with origins in Dalmatia, a historical region of Croatia

dob Edit

to inform against someone, especially to the police

F Edit

fag Edit


fancy Edit

to like someone

M Edit

munted Edit

intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, broken or unusable


nancy boy Edit

a homosexual male


pig, pork, porker, porky Edit

derogatory terms for police, comparing them to pigs

piece of piss Edit

something that is easy

pissed Edit


piss up Edit

a party or social gathering with alcohol


slapper Edit

slut, whore


tangata whenua Edit

Māori term meaning "people of the land," referring to Māori people

tongans Edit

people with origins in Tonga, a Polynesian state

triads Edit

Chinese organized crime organizations


wagging Edit

skipping classes

whinging pom Edit

term used by kiwis for people of British origin

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