Des Stewart
First Appearance: Put The Strong Law On Him 3.06
Last Appearance: What a Rash and Bloody Deed Is This 6.01
Played By: Greg Johnson
Gender: Male
Occupation: Queen's Counsel Lawyer

Des Stewart was a lawyer for Cheryl West.


Season ThreeEdit

Cheryl hires Des at the end of Season Two when Wolf West framed Wayne Judd for a huge gang robbery. Des is a very expensive lawyer and the Wests struggle to pay for him. Des manages to get Judd off minor assault charges on his ex-wife Monica and tells Judd he is sure they are going to win. But the police tell Des and Judd that they have no substancial evidence against Judd unless Sparky (who played a part in the robbery) is located. Cheryl and Loretta find him and coach him to lie. Des and Judd win the case. Des is thanked heavily. Later, Judd goes to Des to pay the bill only to find Cheryl has already paid it, infuriating him.

Season SixEdit

Des returns in Season Six as Cheryl's lawyer for her assault charge against Zane Gerard. Des manages to secure parole, and Cheryl returns home. But later Des rings her with awful news; Gerard has succumbed to his injuries and the charge is being changed to murder. Cheryl is then arrested and taken to prison. Des tells Cheryl to plead not guilty but much to his and the family's shock, Cheryl pleads guilty. Des trys to convince Cheryl to change her plea but she disagrees and is taken to prison. (What A Rash And Bloody Deed Is This)

After speaking to Bailey Wilson, Des hands the case over to her with Cheryl's permission.

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