Deleesha Judd
First Appearance: The Power to Charm 5.14
Last Appearance: They Bleed On Both Sides 5.17
Played By: Dominique Crawford
Age: 17 in Season Five
Partner: Isaac Anesi
Relatives: Ray Judd (father)
Wayne Judd (half-brother)
Tama Judd (nephew, deceased)

Deleesha Judd is Wayne Judd's half-sister.

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Deleesha was born to Ray Judd and an unnamed women, who later divorced Ray and moved to Australia. Deleesha did not get on very well with half-brother Wayne Judd and disliked his wife Monica. Deleesha always looked very old for her age and managed to get into bars at the age of 12. During Season Four, Deleesha was expelled from her school.

Season FiveEdit

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