Deborah Blakemore
First Appearance: Make Mad The Guilty And Appal The Free 6.04
Last Appearance: Their Grand Commission 6.14
Played By: Abigail Greenwood
Gender: Female
Ex-Spouse: Brock
Partner: Mary
Residence: Prison

Deborah 'Debz' Blakemore was a prison inmate.


Season SixEdit

Debz is introduced as the new girl at prison who is getting bullied by gang member Scary Mary. Cheryl West discovers it is because Debz's fiance Brock is cheating on her with Marys cousin. When Cheryl informs Debz this, Debz violently attacks her. Though Debz later apologizes and announces she is now dating Mary. Later when Cheryl returns to the prison, she is annoyed to see that Debz is getting bullied by Draska Doslic. Eventually, Debz sick of the bullying, sneaks a knife into the courtyard and stabs Draska in the face. She is later taken off to a high security prison.

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