First Appearance: Natural Magic And Dire Property 3.14
Last Appearance: Revenged Most Thoroughly 4.04
Played By: Sara Wiseman
Gender: Female
Occupation: Caterer
Ex-Spouse: Gary Savage (ex-husband)
Partner: Skye
Relatives: Robbie (son)
Residence: Nelson

Danielle was the ex-wife of Gary Savage.


Season ThreeEdit

Jethro West attends Gary Savage's lunch party and meets Danielle who is the caterer. He makes moves on her and soon discovers she is Garys ex wife. Gary later organises Jethro his own private caterer as he has a broken leg, Jethro is delighted to find it is Danielle. Danielle asks him to help her with some legal issues with Gary as he owes her alot of money. Danielle repeatedly turns down Jethros many attempts to woo her but is delighted when he brings dinner to her. Danielle and Jethro eventually start dating and Gary seems uncharacteristicly cool about it. Soon, Jethro decides that he loves Danielle. Jethro manages to make Gary pay the money and Danielle thanks him thoroughly, though she never recieves the money. Danielle later attends Munter and Kasey's wedding as Jethros partner.

Season FourEdit

Danielle finds it humourous that Wolf West and Sheree Greegan are having loud sex in Jethro's apartment and she tells him this. She also makes her first offical dinner at the West House with the entire family around the table. Danielle later asks Jethro to move in with her. At first he is hesitant but agrees later. When Jethro gets in trouble with stealing Nicky Greegans steroids, he realises Danielle may be in trouble and he tells her to leave Auckland. Danielle stays however but recieves threats from unknown men towards her and Robbie so she ditches town.

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