Dane Harris
First Appearance: Your Chaste Treasure 4.13
Last Appearance: Constant to My Purpose 5.13
Played By: Barnie Duncan
Gender: Male
Residence: Serving time in prison

Dane Harris was an associate of the West Family.


Season FourEdit

Dane starts to date Kasey after her break up with Munter. All of Kaseys friends disagree with this and notice a huge personality change in her. Dane gets beaten up by Nicky Greegan and his boys to warn Dane off Kasey, but they continue dating. Dane gets Kasey to go to several different chemists to buy materials to make illegal substances. Policewomen Zoe tells Judd who tells Kasey that the police are onto Dane and Kasey. Dane decides that he and Kasey have to skip town. But as they pack up, Aaron Spiller comes and tows Danes car. Munter and Van then arrive and beat up Dane. Dane attempts to kill Munter but Kasey decides she still loves Munter and the two get back together.

Season FiveEdit

Dane reappears when he expresses interest in buying Van and Munters car. Aaron declines his offer and so Dane cuts his face with a paint stripper. Later Dane steals the car and once again cuts Aarons face. Van later narks on Dane to Zane Gerard and it turns out Dane has been robbing dairies with the paint stripper. Dane is arrested. Sheree Greegan informs Dane that Van narked on him. Dane later appears in prison alongside Ted West and Sparky. He initially does not get on with Ted, but soon Dane looks up to Ted as a sort of father figure. Ted catches Dane masturbating and when Ted leaves prison, provides him with a picture of Pascalle to masturbate to.

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