Craig Hall
Craig Hall
Birth date April 14, 1974 (age 36)
Role Nicky Greegan
Gender Male
Family Sara Wiseman (wife)

Craig Hall is an established actor of both the screen and stage. His recent film work includes a lead role in the 2008 feature film Show of Hands and a small role in New Zealand’s highest grossing feature film, Boy.

Craig will also appear alongside his Outrageous Fortune co-stars Dave Fane (Falani) and Wesley Dowdell (Aaron) in the upcoming film, Lovebirds. He also shot a role in the Disney film, Avalon High.

Other notable film credits include the 2007 horror film, 30 Days of Night, the hit New Zealand comedy Eagle vs Shark, as well as The Water Horse, The Ferryman, Lord of the Rings – Return of the King, Savage Honeymoon and major supporting roles in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, The World’s Fastest Indian and Perfect Creature.

Craig’s television credits include Bloodlines, Legend of the Seeker 2, ABC Australia’s East of Everything (series two) and local drama series Burying Brian, in which he had a leading role. He also starred in series one and two of TV3’s drama series The Strip.

Television stints prior to this include Prime TV’s 2005 police drama Interrogation, Ike Countdown to D-Day, Mataku, Revelations, Mercy Peak, Xena – Dangerous Prey as well as appearances in Shortland Street, Forbidden Island, Street Legal, Cleopatra, Duggan II, The Chosen and Hercules – Highway to Hades.

From 1996 to 2004, Craig also appeared in a collection of short films including Knife Shift, Embers, Gateway to Hell, Homekill and Siren.

Craig has a strong theatre background, having performed in various stage productions throughout the last six years. His most recent performances were Killer Joe in 2009 and The Lover in 2010.

Craigs wife, Sara Wiseman played the role of Danielle, Jethros girlfriend from Season Three thorugh Four.

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