Corrina Balani
First Appearance: Think Yourself A Baby 2.02
Last Appearance: Thinking Makes It So 4.01
Played By: Helen Steemson
Gender: Female
Relatives: 5 unnamed children

Corrina Balani is a acquaintance of the West Family.


Early LifeEdit

Corrina started off in Outrageous Fortune as a character often talked about but never seen. She is constantly mentioned by Pascalle who she attended Shadbolt High School with, who thinks she is a major slut. Corrina has slept with many men including the likes of Dane Harris, Aaron Spiller, The Gooch, The Raj and Horse Berenson. She has had the baby of several of these men.

Season TwoEdit

Draska Doslic uses Corrina to urinate in a bottle so it looks like Draska is pregnant. Munter finds out and pays off Corrina.

Season FourEdit

Pascalle spots Corrina walking her kids and sees how stressed she is. She buys one of Corrinas children and gives it to the Colquohouns as they were trying to buy Baby Jane.

Later LifeEdit

Despite still getting referenced numerous times, Corrina has not appeared again in Outrageous Fortune but it has been revealed she is pregnant with her 6th child and she is considering selling this one too.