Chelsea Munroe was the middle child of the Munroe family, one of Lefty and Ngaire Munroe's three daughters. She was known as "the plain one." Her older sister was named Desiree.

In 1974, she got Wolfgang West to show her and her sister his willy if they showed him their knickers.

In 1981, she was attacked by a stalker in Swan Arch Park on her way home from trampoline practice. When she was interrogated by a constable named Terry, she was not taken seriously and made fun of. She and her sister enrolled in a self-defense course. Sparky became attracted to Chelsea and later followed her home. She seemed to appreciate and return the affection.

Appearances Edit

Notes Edit

The character first appeared in series 1 as a non-speaking role who was not named, portrayed by an uncredited actress, only identified as the daughter of Ngaire and Lefty. The unnamed character was later identified as Chelsea in series 2, because the girl in series 1 was the younger of the two sisters and the youngest Munroe daughter is much younger.

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