First Appearance: To A Radiant Angel Link’d 6.03
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Megan Corbett
Nickname(s): Susan
Gender: Female
Occupation: Prostitute at Loretta's
Partner: Aaron Spiller
Relatives: Deceased mother

Chastity 'Susan' is a prostitute.


Early LifeEdit

Chastity worked for ruthless pimp Danny Peters. She was given to Hayden Peters for his birthday to have sex with. They had a short relationship.

Season SixEdit

Chastity is introduced as Angel's friend. A prostitute sick of her pimp Nicky Greegan ruling her. Loretta agrees to be their new manager for a better deal than Nicky could have secured. Chastity comes to Loretta upset saying she can not work as she is getting her apartment taken away from her. She is pleasently surprised to see Hayden however. Loretta dismisses her suggesting that atleast no one died, Chastity then announces her mother has died and Chastity has to travel to New Plymoth. Loretta feels bad but reminds Chastity she has a client, Damien to attend to. Chastity considers it but Hayden insists she attend her mothers funeral. Loretta invites Chastity to her brothel, which gets named Loretta's. To repay Aaron Spiller for refurbishing the brothel, Loretta gets Chastity to sleep with him. Chastity later arrives at Van and Elenas wedding with Angel.

Chastity is last seen dancing in the West House living room with Aaron.

Later LifeEdit

Outrageous Fortune co-creator James Griffin suggested in an interview that Aaron and Chastity become a couple after the final episode. [1]



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