Chantelle Lazenby
First Appearance: My Dearest Foe 1.08
Last Appearance: My Dearest Foe 1.08
Played By: Beth Allen
Gender: Female
Occupation: Model

Chantelle Lazenby was an associate of Pascalle West.


Early LifeEdit

Chantelle attended Mrs Haggerty's Irish dancing class alongside Pascalle and Loretta West. She was very overweight and struggled to dance.

Season OneEdit

Pascalle catches up with Chantelle at a modelling job. Chantelle is now 17 and has lost a lot of weight. The two go out partying and the next morning Pascalle wakes up in Chantelle's bed. Pascalle answers Chantelle's phone to discover Chantelle got the job over her. Chantelle is invited by Pascalle to get very drunk and high. Pascalle thinks this will make Chantelle miss her modeling job, but Chantelle still makes it much to the annoyance of Pascalle. Chantelle does not appear again.