Caroline Darling
First Appearance: Slings And Arrows 1.01
Last Appearance: This Two-Fold Force 2.04
Played By: Katrina Browne
Gender: Female
Occupation: Deputy Principal

Caroline Darling was the deputy principal of Shadbolt High School.


Early LifeEdit

When Jethro West was 15, Caroline was his teacher, and they slept together. (Slings And Arrows)

Season OneEdit

Caroline is the Deputy Principal of Shadbolt High School, but is being blackmailed by Loretta, as Caroline slept with Jethro when he was just 15, under the legal age of majority in New Zealand. Loretta threatens to send photos she took of Jethro and Caroline's liaison to the Ministry of Education, ending Caroline's career. (Slings And Arrows)

Deputy principal of Shadbolt High. In her early 30s, Caroline is the youngest pakeha DP in the New Zealand secondary school system. Considered something of a rising star by the education establishment. If only they knew. Caroline is passionate about teaching – possibly a bit too passionate. Her special projects are the diamonds in the dirt she uncovers; who with a little help can go on to great things. It was not her intention to end up a long-term duvet item with the diamond that was Jethro – but even the best leaders have needs. Of course, if she’d known his little sister was the embodiment of evil, she might never have given in to Jethro that sultry summer afternoon.

Season TwoEdit