Candice Thatcher
First Appearance: Guilty Creatures 4.08
Last Appearance: Guilty Creatures 4.08
Played By: Roxane Wilson
Gender: Female
Occupation: Accountant

Candice 'Candy' Thatcher was an accountant who audited Hoochie Mama.


Season FourEdit

Candy arrives at Hoochie Mama for a audit. The Hoochie girls have been claiming money on false pretenses and Kasey is very scared. Candy finds out about the false money but says that the Hoochie Girls have nothing to worry about as it is Gary Savage's fault and she is looking for him. She asks Kasey to make her some underwear and Kasey invites her around for dinner. It turns out Candy is a lesbian and she propositions Kasey for sex to get rid of the papers saying there is false money. Kasey and her have sex but are caught by Munter who announces he and Kasey's marriage is over. Candy later finishes her work at Hoochie Mama saying the tax books are fine and in fact, the Hoochie Girls are getting a refund. She then leaves. (Guilty Creatures)

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