"But for a Wayward Son" is the sixth and final episode of the first series of Westside. Written by Rachel Lang and directed by Simon Bennett, it first aired on TV3 on July 5, 2015.

Set in 1979, the carless days features as the historical background event.

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As the carless days were introduced on July 30, 1979, the episode takes place in or after August 1979.

Wolf is sixteen years old.

Analysis Edit

When explaining why she possesses a firearm to McCarthy, Rita says her father was in the war. McCarthy presumes that he "swiped it off some bloody German" and Rita says "something like that." The truth, as revealed in Series 2, is that Rita's father was a Nazi in the war.

Outrageous Fortune connections Edit

Sparky asks Rita if she wants a rum and coke and she responds that "God, no, that's a slapper's drink." Rum and coke was Cheryl West's signature drink, and Rita would infamously give her the name "slutty pants."

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  • Ted says he has a rule about never doing over the same place twice.

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