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Bruce Khan
First Appearance: An Old Man Is Twice A Child 2.13
Last Appearance: Unpregnant of My Cause 3.11
Played By: Jacob Rajan
Gender: Male
Occupation: Doctor at the Janet Frame Rest Home
Ex-Spouse: Pascalle West (ex-fiance)
Relatives: Linda Khan (sister)
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Pakistani

Dr. Bruce Khan was Pascalle West's fiance.


Season TwoEdit

Pascalle West meets Bruce at the Janet Frame Rest Home where Bruce works as a doctor. She instantly is attracted to him as he is a doctor. She asks him out to dinner and he accepts. When they arrive at the West House, Pascalle's mother, Cheryl, invites Bruce to Loretta's film night which he accepts much to Pascalle's horror. Bruce is disturbed by the short film he sees created by Jools. Bruce and Pascalle continue dating and Bruce reveals he is a virgin, which startles Pascalle and she lies and tells him she is one too. Bruce is delighted to hear this and Pascalle goes off to find a way to reconstruct her virginity. Bruce gets very drunk at Van and Aurora's engagement party and admits to Pascalle he loves her and she tells him the same too.

Outrageous Fortune: The MovieEdit

Bruce tells Pascalle over the phone that he loves her and to have a good Christmas.

Season ThreeEdit

Bruce takes Pascalle to Pakistan, where he proposes to her and she accepts. They return to New Zealand shortly after Aurora's death. They agree to take each other's virginity on their wedding night. But Bruce admits to Ted West that he is very nervous and excited and he wants to take it before the wedding night. Ted solves this by getting Bruce very drunk. Bruce spies Pascalle talking to her ex boyfriend, Hayden Peters, and he suspects that they are having an affair. Bruce confronts Hayden who denies anything, saying Pascalle is at The Janet Frame Home. Bruce decides to drive out there and Hayden has to drive Pascalle full speed from the scene of the porn film to the Janet Frame. They arrive before Bruce and he doesn't suspect anything. Bruce admits he cannot wait to have sex with her and Pascalle admits she is not a virgin. When Bruce goes away for a conference, his sister Linda Khan arrives at the West House. Bruce tells Pascalle they will not get on, but Pascalle tries her best. Bruce returns from his business trip a few episodes later and tells Pascalle the engagement is off and he can not bear to look at her. It turns out Bruce saw the porn film Pascalle starred in and Hayden and Loretta directed. Bruce is not seen again.

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