Brian Clifford Sergent-Shadbolt
Birth date 29 December, 1959
Role Eric Grady
Gender Male
Family Children Jean, Jack, and Leo

Brian Sergent has appeared in some of New Zealand’s best-loved television series and has also been a stalwart of the local theatre scene.

Prior his return to OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Brian appeared in a guest role as Prime Minister Bryan on the hit HBO series, Flight of the Conchords in 2009.

His first noted television performance was as the loveable children’s character in Worzel Gummidge Downunder. In the early 1990s he hosted The Armchair Shopper and had roles in Married and Ray Bradbury Theatre before settling into a four-season stint on comedy show Skitz.

Brian had guest roles on Shark in the Park, Market Forces, The Strip, Shortland Street, Dark Knight, Atlantis High and after filming OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE series one he appeared in The Lost Children.

Most recently, Brian played the role of New Zealand’s Prime Minister in the international hit comedy series, Flight of the Conchords.

Brian has treaded the boards of the Circa Theatre for many years having appeared in The Big Picture, Closer, This Train I’m On, Speaking in Tongues, The Country Wife and Take a Chance On Me. He has also played Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello at the Court Theatre.

Brian’s film credits include Eagle vs. Shark, Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles, Braindead and Lord of the Rings as well as Absent Without Leave and The Shirt both of which were directed by OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE series two producer John Laing. Brian also starred in Taika Waititi’s first feature film Eagle vs Shark.

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