Brian was Wendy's husband. He was somewhat simple-minded and naive, with the subtle details passing him by, and seemingly kind and well-meaning.

He was a member of neighbourhood watch in his neighbourhood, which Wendy was the head of and they hosted at their house. In July of 1981, Ngaire Munroe, Carol O'Driscoll and Rita West joined neighbourhood watch and, despite the Wests being on neighbourhood watches watchlist and his wife being clearly uncomfortable with their presence, Brian welcomed them to the group with open arms.

They revealed that a pervert had attacked Ngaire's daughter in Swan Arch Park and Brian assumed this was the same person stealing knickers from washing lines in the area – including his wife's good lingerie.

Later, neighbourhood watch teamed up with the Wests and associates to catch the perpetrator in Swan Arch Park. Brian paired up with Lefty Munroe, who he recognized as Lefty had previously driven his wife home after her car broke down. Brian assured Lefty that he would take care of the pervert because he was extremely proficent in kung fu. Unbeknownst to Brian, Lefty had slept with his wife which was the real reason her knickers were gone. The attacker was finally caught when he grabbed Wendy and Brian recognized that it was Hamish, the neighbour living across their back yard.

Later, when Brian and Wendy came home after jogging, they found Ted and Rita West in their living room. The couple warned Brian and Wendy that their house was unsafe and Ted offered his services as a locksmith, which Brian was appreciative of.[1]

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  1. Westside Series 2 Episode 3

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