Brandon Gibbs was the son of Anne-Marie Gibbs and Wolf West, the result of a secret affair. He appeared as a guest character in Series 2 of Outrageous Fortune.

Brandon's mother always told him that his father had run off at a young age, and he would come to know Wolf West as an "uncle" who visited from time to time.

During his years at Shadbolt High, Brandon had sex with Pascalle West, who was later revealed to be his half-sister.


Season TwoEdit

Brandon first appears in Season Two when Cheryl finds her husband Wolf's will and discovers that Brandon is mentioned. She visits the Gibbs' house and learns the truth from Brandon's mother Anne-Marie. Once Judd finds out, he goes to the house looking for Wolf. Brandon answers the door, and is able to figure out that Wolf is his father based on hints from Judd. He gets in an argument with his mother who blames Cheryl. Brandon has a brief awkward encounter with Pascalle, his half-sister, at The Rusty Nail because he realises that their relationship was incestuous, then leaves and does not appear again. A few episodes later Wolf removes Brandon from his will.