First Appearance: Wherein Our Saviour’s Birth Is Celebrated 2.17
Last Appearance: Something Is Rotten 3.20
Played By: Annie Whittle
Gender: Female
Occupation: Retired Policewomen
Ex-Spouse: Colin (divorced)

Beverley 'Bev' was a retired policewoman.


Outrageous Fortune: The MovieEdit

Bev is first shown being shown around Tutaekuri Bay with her friend Viv by Ranger Graeme. Later, the two spot Ted West treasure hunting in the sand. He tells them he is looking for a lost ring. The three instantly get on and have a threesome. Ted later ditches them however when they reveal they are ex policeman.

Season ThreeEdit

A man named Colin gets Ted and Judd to follow his wife as he suspects she is having an affair. Ted discovers it is Bev. The two have an affair and out their relationship to their familys. Ted trys to show Bev that his family is no longer criminals but she reveals she knew all along that he was a famous safe cracker. Bev reveals she is going to France and she wants Ted to come with her. Ted declines the offer as he is needed by his family.

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