Beryl Buckman was the widow of former Horsemen President Mr. Buckman, and the mother of his successor Arnie Buckman. Being the mother of the President and a woman who got what she wanted, she held much power in the gang. She viewed many of the members as her own sons.

In 1981, Beryl wanted to buy a set of Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper ceramics, but the seller was not interested, so she used her contacts in the Horsemen to get it. They made Eric steal it for them, and it ended up in the possession of Rita West, who refused to return it after realising it was valuable to the Horsemen.

Beryl personally went to Rita's Galleria to sort matters. The two negotiated a deal where the Horsemen would let Rita's son Wolf, who was a prospect at the time, return home, in exchange for Rita giving back the ceramics and making sure Phineas lost the boxing match against Cannonball to restore his confidence.

Although it did not go exactly as expected, with Cannonball winning by way of disqualification when Phineas bit his ear and kicked him in the groin, Beryl honored her part of the deal and ordered Wolf's release.

Appearances Edit

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