Bernadette Peters
First Appearance: Rest Her Soul 4.14
Last Appearance: Rest Her Soul 4.14
Played By: Bronwyn Bradley
Gender: Female
Relatives: Hayden Peters (brother)
Danny Peters (father, deceased)
Jane West (niece)

Bernadette Peters is the sister of Hayden Peters.


Season FourEdit

Bernadette greets Cheryl West at the market and asks about the baby she in the pram. Cheryl reveals it is Jane and that Hayden is the father. Bernadette is shocked and calls Hayden to return to New Zealand immediately to meet his daughter. The two Peters arrive at the West House and demand to see Jane. Bernadette insists that Jane get baptised, something to which all the Wests disagree, except Cheryl. Bernadette later attends the baptism which is held by Father Xun.

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