Belinda Lace was Rita West's fellow inmate in prison.

Background Edit

Belinda was married to Evan Lace, who she loved unconditionally. She stood by her husband as he lost everything they had over and over and over again. Eventually he made it, and they had everything Belinda ever dreamed of. When he got rich however, Evan dumped Belinda for a "little slut." In response, Belinda stabbed him five times, but he did not die, and she learnt that "you can't kill the devil."

Belinda was put on trial and defended by lawyer Des McEwen. She lost the case and was sent to prison because McEwen, being mates with her husband, threw the trial.

In prison, Belinda tried to hang herself with a bedsheet in her cell, but failed when the sheet broke. Rita West entered and the two started communicating. Belinda thought her ex-husband had won, but Rita inspired her to fight back, saying she would "take the bastard's life apart. Brick by brick, dollar by dollar."

When Rita was released from prison in 1981, she gave Belinda her word that they would get him.

Appearances Edit

Westside Edit

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