Bailey Wilson
First Appearance: What A Rash And Bloody Deed Is This 6.01
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Sophie Henderson
Gender: Female
Occupation: Lawyer
Partner: Jethro West

Bailey Wilson is the partner of Jethro West.


Early LifeEdit

Bailey attended Law School alongside Jethro West, the two did not get on and Jethro thought she was a slut.

Season SixEdit

Bailey is first seen on the first episode of Season Six when she arrives to talk to Van about his assault charge. It is revealed she is his lawyer. Van and Munter are impressed when she smokes marijuana with them. In the following episode, she trys to convince Cheryl to let her be her lawyer for her charge of murdering Zane Gerard. Cheryl declines the invite. But Bailey manages to convince Ngaire, Falani and others to let her be their lawyer for their assault charges and when she gets them all off, Cheryl accepts her as her lawyer. Van however grows attracted to Bailey and attempts to have a relationship with her numerous times on several dates. Jethro sends Booty Call around to one of Baileys customers, (Quentin Bates) to recieve a car from him. He claims it is stolen, but Bailey shows Jethro where he has hidden it and allows him to sell his numerous vehicle if she gets some of the profit. Jethro and Bailey later sleep together and as Van prepares to break up with her, she sleeps with him as well. They later learn of this and are disgusted but Bailey continues dating both men. She later tells them that she wants a threesome and the man that goes through with it, is the man she wants to be with. Both men agree and as they have sex, Van decides to leave. Bailey and Jethro stay together on the bed.