Westside 1x01 - Aztec Road home

The West's home on Aztec Road.

Aztec Road was a street in Henderson, a suburb of Auckland. It was the residence of Ted and Rita West until they moved to a new home in 1974.

History Edit

The West family lived there in the 1960's and 1970's. The Gardiner family moved into the neighbouring house after immigrating from Wales.

After the Smith & Caughey's job in 1970, Rita buried her share of krugerrands in the back garden. Rita West initiated an affair with the neighbour boy Vern Gardiner, then just a teenager. After her husband returned from prison in 1974, Rita had Vern arrested for possession of marijuana to keep their affair a secret. The Wests moved off the street shortly after.

Residents Edit

West family (- 1974)

Gardiner family

Appearances Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

The filming location used for Aztec Road was Ayrton Street in Auckland. The Wests' house was located on #16.

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