Aurora Bay
First Appearance: The Affliction Of His Love 2.06
Last Appearance: Most True, She Is A Strumpet 3.03
Contagious Blastments 3.04
Played By: Claire Chitham
Reason Left: Killed in a car accident
Gender: Female
Ex-Spouse: Van West (fiance)
Relatives: Pam Bay (mother)

Aurora Bay was Van West's fiancee.


Early LifeEdit

Van and Aurora met at primary school and later became a couple at Shadbolt High School. Aurora was saving her virginity for Van until he was sixteen, but Jethro pretended to be Van and slept with her. Van witnessed this and thought Aurora was cheating on him. Jethro never called Aurora so she thought Van had left her and she dropped out of school and joined a gang.

Season TwoEdit

Van saw Auroa at a Hoochie Mama fashion parade. He tried to talk to her but she brushed him off. Eventually they started to see eachother alot under the pretenses that Aurora was modelling Hoochie Mama. But everytime Tyson who was dating Aurora and was leader of the Biker gang would come and fetch her. Eventually Van and Aurora found out about the Jethro situation and Van made numerous attempts to try and resuce Aurora from the gang fortress she lived in. Van eventually did rescue her but Tyson found out. Aurora told Tyson to forgive Van as she was in love with him. Tyson punched Van and left. Later on, Aurora started to help Tyson as he had become paralysed after a severe beating and had left the gang. Van proposed to her and she agreed and accompanied him on the Wests familys christmas trip.

Season ThreeEdit

Van and Aurora went about sorting out their wedding but Aurora also helped Tyson sell marijuana as she felt sorry for him. Auroras mother Pam and her lesbian lover came to stay at the West House and instantly disliked Van so they were told to leave. Van eventually found out about Tyson and Aurora and forbid it but Aurora carried on. Van got so angry he narked on them to the police. Horrified, Aurora took all the marijuana and hopped on Tysons harley Davison. Unfortunately for Aurora she rode in front of a passing party bus and was taken to hospital. She died with her mother Pam by her side. Van later tried to steal her body and set it alight on a boat out to sea, as Aurora told him that she wished her funeral would occur like that.