Anne-Marie Gibbs is sister to Sparky and mother of Wolf's illegitimate child, Brandon.


Early LifeEdit

When she was young, Anne-Marie was a wallflower.

Wolf and Anne-Marie

Wolf and Anne-Marie.

In her teen years, Anne-Marie became a punker. One night, she met Wolf West on the town and took him to dance in an anarchist club. They started dating and having sex.

One time she was going to visit Wolf, her father Dougal joined to have a word with Ted, and got involved in a job. Anne-Marie convinced Wolf not to go to school, and had sex with him even after she found out he was only 15.

Dougal was killed on the job in an accident with explosives. A constable came to their home to give the children the news. Rita West took the orphaned Anne-Marie and her brother Sparky into her home. Anne-Marie left for Dunedin shortly after, feeling it was weird to stay in the same house as Ted, who was partly involved in her father's death.

Shortly before Pascalle's conception, married man Wolf West had an affair with Anne-Marie and impregnated her. She gave birth to a boy named Brandon Gibbs.

Season TwoEdit

Cheryl confronted Anne-Marie about her and Wolf's affair. Anne-Marie was shocked to see Brandon in Wolf's will and admitted that Brandon was the result of her and Wolf's affair. In the next episode she arrived home to find Judd telling Brandon that Wolf is his father. She yelled at Judd and told him to leave.

Season FourEdit

When Sparky took Baby Jane, Judd went to see Anne-Marie to ask if Sparky is there, but he was not.