First Appearance: A Rat, A Rat 5.03
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Hori Ahipene
Gender: Female (transgender)
Occupation: Prostitute at Loretta's
Ex-Spouse: Sheree Greegan ex-wife

Angel (previously known as Garth Loader) is a prostitute.


Early LifeEdit

Garth married Sheree Greegan and the two and Sheree's brother Nicky agreed to fake Garth's death to claim the insurance. Garth went into hiding and came out as a new woman. She is now Angel, the transsexual. Angel got a job as a prostitute working under the eye of Nicky.

Season FiveEdit

Angel is introduced when Nicky arranges Van to drive Angel to her client's houses. Angel appears for two episodes then later reappears in the final. Kasey and Munter are both shocked to discover Angel is Van's new flatmate but Van makes it clear that they are in no way in a relationship. Angel attends Loretta's wedding and at the reception she is disgruntled when Zane Gerard shows. He was the man investigating Garth Loader's death. She latches onto Eric and kisses him to avoid recognition from the corrupt cop and plants a huge kiss on the filthy man.

Season SixEdit

After the murder of Gerard, Angel feels it is unsafe to be around Van's house anymore and she ends her lease. In episode 3, Loretta interested in earning some more money, takes a job from Nicky who wants Loretta to tell Angel to continue sending Nicky his share of her income. Loretta confronts Angel and her gang of prostitutes, who refuse to pay Nicky his money. Loretta later sees Angel has been severely beaten by Nickys men as well as Eric who was using Angel for her duties. Angel accepts a proposition from Loretta and thus Loretta becomes Angel's new manager. A few episodes later, Angel loses her driver and requests Eric take over the position but he cannot as he does not have a legal drivers liscence. Angel gets into strife when one of her regulars dies of a heart attack on top of her, however, Hayden sorts it out by hiring another prostitute and saying he was having sex with her not Angel. Angel later has sex with Sparky. Angel gets jealous when Sparky trys to respark his relationship with Mandy. Angel later attends Van and Elena's wedding.

Angel is last seen dancing in the West House living room with Eric.