Andrew Colquhoun
First Appearance: Thinking Makes It So 4.01
Last Appearance: Thinking Makes It So 4.01
Played By: Andrew Laing
Gender: Male
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent
Spouse: Donna Colquhoun
Relatives: Unnamed child
Residence: Bon Bay

Andrew Colquhoun is the husband of Donna Colquhoun


Early LifeEdit

Andrew tells Loretta West that he is interested in buying her newborn baby Jane West.

Season FourEdit

Wolf West finds out that Loretta is trying to sell Jane to Andrew and his wife so he approaches him telling him to back off. When the deal proceeds, The Wests, Munter, Kasey and Falani go to Andrew and Donna's house to have a party. Loretta escapes The West House however and steals Baby Jane, she then heads for Andrew and Donna's house. But Pascalle gets there first and sells Andrew and Donna Corrina Balani's fifth child instead of Jane. (Thinking Makes It So)