First Appearance: Make Mad The Guilty And Appal The Free 6.04
Last Appearance: Give Me Up The Truth 6.16
Played By: Katherine McRae
Gender: Female
Occupation: Prison Warden
Andrea is the prison warden for an Auckland remand prison.


Season SixEdit

Andrea first appeared in Outrageous Fortune when Cheryl is sent to her office for fighting Scary Mary. Andrea advises Cheryl to settle down as this is the way she likes her prison. Cheryl then gets into another fight with Debz. Andrea tells Cheryl that she is getting annoyed at Cheryl and soon Cheryl will regret it. Later Cheryl sneaks Hoochie Mama underwear into the prison and the prisoners perform a sexy dance for their boyfriends and partners. Cheryl is called into Andrea's office where she tells Cheryl that she is getting sent to a Christchurch prison far away from her family. (Make Mad The Guilty And Appal The Free)

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