Allen Markham
First Appearance: A Little More Than Kin 1.03
Last Appearance: The Cause Of This Defect 1.04
Played By: Chris Hobbs
Gender: Male
Occupation: Business manager of Markham Auto Imports
Spouse: Lexy Markham

Allen Markham was a long time friend of Wolf West.


Season OneEdit

Cheryl is invited to Allen and his wifes party. Wolf is certian that Allen will make a move on his beloved wife but does not know how to prove it. Also at the party is the scummish likes of Eric. Eric makes a move on Cheryl and Allen jumps in and beats Eric. He then offers Cheryl a job at his business. She accepts at starts working there. Allens wife goes away and Allen starts making moves on Cheryl even inviting her out to dinner. She declines until Wolf gets angry at her and to get him back she goes to Allens house. Allen kisses Cheryl and asks her to stay the night. Cheryl refuses and goes home. The next day Allen asks why Cheryl declined him when suddenly Wayne Judd and the police raid the building. It appears that Allen has been winding back odometers on cars and selling them for alot more than they are worth. Allen is arrested and Cheryl loses her new job. In the next episode Allen shows at Billy Grady Wests wake and punches Eric. He believes Eric dobbed him in. It turns out to be Wolf though and the two talk it through and Allen agrees to back down from Cheryl.