Mr Purvis
Alistair Purvis
First Appearance: Who Calls Me Villain? 3.18
Last Appearance: Who Calls Me Villain? 3.18
Played By: Bill Johnson
Gender: Male
Relatives: Unnamed Daughter
Residence: Maud Basham Sunshine Villas

Alistair Purvis was a patient at the Janet Frame Rest Home


Season ThreeEdit

Mr. Purvis is a patient at the Janet Frame Rest Home and he gets on very well with aerobics instructor Pascalle West. He even records her aerobic routines and some motivational videos for her. Mr. Purvis find himself falling in love with her and when nursing manager Derek Rigby accuses Pascalle of stealing a mohair rug, Mr. Purvis attacks him with his walking stick. Rigby announces that he has contacted Mr. Purvis' daughter and that he will be moving to Christchurch. Mr. Purvis locks himself in his room and only lets Pascalle in. He tells her he does not like Christchurch as it is too flat. He then tells Pascalle he is in love with her and he suggests she run away with him. Pascalle lets him down kindly and trys to argue his case with Rigby but to no prevail, Pascalle then quits the job.

Later LifeEdit

Mr. Purvis moved to Christchurch where he started living in 'The Maud Basham Sunshine Villas' In Merivale.

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