The 1974 British Commonwealth Games was a sporting event held in New Zealand. In Westside, it served as the historical background event for the first episode "All That Impedes Thee from the Golden Round."

In Westside Edit

  • Ted West was released from prison on January 24, 1974, the day the games started, as remarked by Mike McCarthy.
  • Wolf West made money from a betting book her started at his school.
  • Ted's gang were planning to rob a warehouse full of Philips K9's, which were in high demand because people wanted to watch the games in colour.
  • The Wests watched Dick Tayler's victory race on January 25.
  • Ted cracked the safe at the tavern while everyone was busy watching the final 1500-m run on February 2, using the same time to crack the safe as runner Filbert Bayi used to win the race.

Appearances Edit

Westside Edit

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